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My Story: We Are Survivors

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Life to some has been very good from the very start, some were born with a silver spoon, some were born without a silver spoon, some silver spoons became wooden along the way and vice versa but my story………….

Indeed the first education we get comes from our parents. But what happens to some that never knew their parents to the fullest of it? We see ourselves growing up with parents, always wanting someone we can cry to when we are hurt, someone to cuddle us to bed or even read us bedtime stories.

I lost my mum when I was just seventeen some weeks to the start of my WAEC, my mum was wonderful, a woman of virtue whom everyone would want to associate with, I never believed I would lose any family member because I felt God loved us too much to let anything bad happen to us. But then she died and I was like God I believe you know what you’re doing she died of Ectopic Pregnancy, Hepatitis B/ Jaundice.

Well, she was buried just in front of our house and then life went on, at least we still had our dad.

Just about a year after affliction arose a Second time, just when I was about to write my post UTME into the University my Dad passed on. It was like someone had taken me and hit my head on the wall over and over again, I felt abandoned, but then I had my younger ones to also live for, I needed to stay strong for them and then that was what kept me going once a again. I felt I had a really strong responsibility on my shoulders and I needed to be an example they can look up to and understand that all hope is not lost.

Well as at today despite the hurdles and all am a graduate my younger ones are in the University, our last brother is in SS2 and we are still living and surviving even better than some who have their parents with them. WE ARE SURVIVORS, WE ARE OVERCOMERS.

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