Education and the Girl Child

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Education has been recognized as a basic human right since the
1948 adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. A positive
correlation exists between the enrollment of the girl child in primary school and
the gross national product and life expectancy. Because of this
correlation, enrollment in schools represents the largest component of
societal investment into human capital. Rapid socioeconomic development
of a nation has been observed to depend on the calibre of women and
their education in that country.

Education bestows on the girl child a disposition for a lifelong
acquisition of knowledge, values, attitudes, competence and skills.
Personally, I think the girl child has a major role in our
educational system and this goes way beyond education in the schools but
also in our homes.
Women and the girl child in the developing world are often denied
opportunities for education. Lack of education limits prospects,
decreases family income, reduces health, puts women and girls at risk of
trafficking and exploitation, and limits the economic advancement of the

Gone are those days when women are seen as kitchen material
without any other useful purpose aside bedroom work, housework, and kids
work. Women and te girl child are being sensitized by the day making them
understand that they’ve got a bunch to offer to not just their families
but to the society at large hence they now have a better sense of
belonging in the society, without education a woman’s decision is
totally streamlined which can cause things to go wrong.
thumbnail_56d61a1e1500002a000b10cc  For instance an uneducated woman would want to insist that her
son marries a girl for the simple reason that she is from his village
not minding if he loves her or not and if he insists and gets married to
her the wife would automatically become a witch who has charmed her son
and wants him totally abandon his family and she would hate her for life
an educated woman wouldn’t do that.
Another instance is a woman who wants a son as a grand child
by all means she puts her daughter in law through a life of torture like
it’s her fault and eventually make the man marry a 2nd wife ignorant of
the fact that it’s the man that has both the male and female chromosomes
and it’s whichever meets with the egg that fertilizes into a child be it
male or female an educated woman wouldn’t do such.

If you observe in our society today it’s only the uneducated
women who have tons of children without money to cater for them hence
these children would become nuisance to their environment in their quest
for survival.
There are much more instances but we would make do with these
two hence we can’t over emphasize the essence of women and education.
By improving female education there would be a positive impact
on some of the most profound issues of our time: Population growth, HIV,
peace and security, and the widening gap between the rich and poor.
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