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is told to write software for a Chinese customer, then he would compete brain for brain with anyone trying to do the same thing in the US.

Therefore in 1990 he moved to Ghana without any start-up capital and little in the form of personal savings, no infrastructure, and no equipment other than his old personal computer, He relied on the only resources available to him which was his determination and creative talent for writing software programs. His first office was his bedroom in his parent’s home, with a friend, he began writing programs and selling them, eventually moving to a garage and then an office. Today, he is dubbed the “Bill Gates of Ghana”. SOFTtribe is the country’s leading software developer, providing management systems to dozens of companies, including Guinness and Unilever, and products to thousands of consumers. One of its most popular programs allows a user whose house is being attacked to text their GPS co-ordinates to police, neighbors and local radio.

The company now employs around 70 people and has a client base of more than 250 organisations, including major multinationals such as the Ford Foundation and Nestlé, it is also a Microsoft development partner in the region. The SOFTtribe has won a number of awards including the Millennium Excellence Awards for IT in 2005. The company has also been featured on BBC, CNN and the IEEE magazine in the USA, amongst others.

It’s very common and normal for 90% of Africans to have that urge to travel out of the continent as they feel they would find greener pastures abroad forgetting that the western countries were able to make it to where they are today due to the presence of large human resource in all aspects. Africans that travel out mostly work under foreign companies giving them new innovations and developing their businesses with their own

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