A One Week Weight Loss Soup: The Cabbage Soup

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The Cabbage Soup is a short-term weight loss diet, as the name implies, it involves eating large quantities of cabbage soup. Proponents of the diet say it can help you lose up to 10 lbs (4.5 kg) in one week. The soup works exactly as it sounds, for seven days, you eat almost nothing but homemade cabbage soup. Each day, you can also have one or two other foods, such as skim milk, fruit or vegetables.
Many sources claim the diet works not by acting as a starvation diet, but rather because cabbage is such a low-calorie food that your body ends up burning more calories digesting it than the cabbage itself contains. Therefore, the more soup you eat, the more weight you lose.

The diet is intended to last no longer than one week at a time, for the purpose of slimming down before an event or jump-starting a longer-term diet plan.
The Cabbage Soup Diet is also known by other names, such as the Sacred Heart Hospital Diet or the Mayo Clinic Diet, supposedly because it was developed in a hospital for quick weight loss before surgery for heart patients,but the implicated hospitals have denied these claims.
No one knows exactly where this unique diet originated from so in the end, the consensus seems to be that it first gained popularity during the 1980s and 1990s and has stuck around ever since.

Each day of the diet, you are allowed to fill up on one or two other low-calorie foods in addition to the soup. However, it is important not to make any other substitutions and to drink only water or other calorie-free beverages, such as unsweetened tea, a daily multivitamin is often recommended because the diet can limit nutrient intake.
These are the rules for each day of the Cabbage Soup Diet:
-Day one: Unlimited cabbage soup and fruit, but no bananas.
-Day two: Only soup and vegetables. Focus on raw or cooked leafy greens, avoid peas, corn and beans. You may also have one baked potato with butter or oil.
-Day three: As many fruits and vegetables as you can eat, in addition to the soup. However, no baked potato today and still no bananas.
-Day four: Unlimited bananas, skim milk and cabbage soup.
-Day five: You are allowed 10–20 oz (280–567 grams) of beef, which you may substitute for chicken or fish. You may also have up to six fresh tomatoes and unlimited cabbage soup. At least 6–8 glasses of water.
Day six: Soup, beef and vegetables, you may substitute the beef with broiled fish if you did not yesterday, focus on leafy greens, no baked potato.
-Day seven: You may have vegetables, brown rice, unlimited fruit juice, but no added sugar, and of course, cabbage soup.

You should not continue the diet for more than seven days at a time. But you can repeat the diet as long as you wait at least two weeks before starting it again.
Bottom Line: In order to follow the Cabbage Soup Diet, you need to prepare large batches of cabbage soup to eat multiple times per day. You are also allowed to eat one or two other foods each day.

Source: Authority Nutrition – An Evidence Based Approach

Article by: Ekowa. A. Oghoghomena

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