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Out of Wedlock

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Gone are the days when children born out of wedlock are looked upon as an abomination even by their own so called family. Well, we thank God for civilization in this present times that has turned such beliefs around and hence those born out of wedlock are looked upon with love and well taken care of like normal children (blessings from God) which they are.

Image result for out of wedlock  Well it so happened that I was one of those that was born out of wedlock in those times when such children were looked at with a stigma, here’s my story….
Mr John was a very wealthy business man whose dad whose late and he was left with his mum and two other siblings, on one of his business trips he met with Miss Rita who was just a mediocre trying to make ends meet. He fell in love with her and theirs was like one of those perfect love stories with no hurdles to face.
But then I came into the picture, Miss Rita was pregnant for Mr John his happiness knew no bounds at that point he was more sure than ever that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, so he decided to take that bold step of introducing her to his mum.
The outcome of this visit wasn’t funny at all, Mrs Ezemiefe didn’t take it likely with Miss Rita she didn’t even hide her feelings one bit she disliked her with everything she had simply because she wasn’t from their class and she insisted she only got pregnant to trap her son into marrying her and not because she loves him.
Mr John on the other hand did everything he could to change his mum’s mind about his wife but all to no avail, eventually after a period of 9months I was born one would have thought a seeing the child would change everything right? But no things got worse my mum was mistreated more and more by the day she was called a gold digger and all (You might be asking about my dad, well unfortunately at that period business didn’t make him static as he became a very mobile person travelling here and there at virtually all times.
The hatred and anger grew worse by the day that it was even transferred on me, I was tagged the daughter of a thief, a gold digger and all, my mum couldn’t take it anymore she left eventually leaving me behind in the Lion’s den.
I was actually my dad’s favorite and he never went on a trip without coming back with several goodies for me, I also attended on of the best schools of that time, when my mum left my dad became more protective of me and only when he isn’t around my grandma acts up.
The worst happened when I was 8yrs old, when my father died  mysteriously, I became the maid of the house all of my cousins laughed at me there were even times when I went to bed without eating, I became as skinny and as ugly as a monkey. I was sent up for stealing and was sent out of the house, my own father’s house. Hmmmmmmmm………..
To be continued…………..
Article by: Ekowa. A. Oghoghomena

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