Poverty: Can it really be totally eradicated?

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Poverty can be described as being in a state of complete lack and need whereby one can’t afford the aside amenities of life. Poverty reduction is a major goal and issue for many international organizations such as the United Nations and the World Bank and it’s even one of the goals of the Sustainable development goals (SDG’S) ie the UN 2030 agenda for sustainable development that by 2030 there should be an end to all forms of poverty in all UN countries.
Well the big question we have here is: Can poverty be totally eradicated?
From my viewpoint I would say a very Big NO and give my reasons why:
Firstly, there are some overtly religious people who believe that they are not supposed to be wealthy or well to do because they do not belong here on earth and everything in the earth are only pleasures that have been made by the devil to distract them from their heavenly race, no matter what anyone does to make such people’s life better, no matter what opportunities presents itself to them to make them better people they refuse and reject them based on the single belief they have that they are not supposed to be wealthy here on earth.
Secondly, there are some people who are just too lazy to even do the easiest of works, they just want to stay where they are and expect manner to come from heaven, they prefer to depend on others like friends and family and are content just the way they are and even when opportunities come their way they look for ways to spoil  everything with their own hands just so that they can keep being the pity party and receiving from others at all times.
Thirdly, there are some who are just too proud even in their nothingness (I mean they have the least education ie Primary school level) they feel that they can’t do certain kinds of jobs like farming, driving bike (popularly known as Okada man), being a driver, being a mechanic, being a bus driver or conductor, security man etc. With their level of education what more can they do aside menial jobs and these jobs usually bring good money and acts as a substantial source of to those who are wise.
Now with these reasons I have given I hope you would agree with me that poverty is and would always be a part of humanity as such persons would always be in existence hence one can say poverty can be minimized to the barest minimum but cannot be totally eradicated.
Feel free to tell us other reasons why you think poverty can or cannot be totally eradicated in the comment section.


Article by: Ekowa Abosede Oghoghomena.

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