Rapelang Rabana: The face behind Kindle Learning

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Rapelang graduated from University of Cape Town with a degree in Business Science majoring in Computer Science.
She did not have a plan for her life at the age of 16, but Rapelang Rabana did know that the usual school, university, employment route was not for her. As soon as she graduated, she started her first company. Since then, the savvy entrepreneur has gone on to bigger and bigger things.

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She is now a computer scientist, entrepreneur, and keynote speaker.
She  is the founder of Rekindle Learning, which is a “learning and development company that provides mobile and computer learning solutions that enable knowledge mastery and measurement in corporate and schooling environments”.
The online training and education company was launched in 2013. It was not her first foray into the business world: as soon as she graduated from university, Rabana co-founded Yeigo to develop one of the earliest mobile VoIP applications.
Since those early days, she has learned a lot about herself and what works for her. “Our society teaches us to spend a lot of time looking ‘out there’ for success, but the ability to drive yourself to your full potential starts internally with personal mastery,” she explained. “I was able to make the decisions I have made because I am very clear on what I can and cannot tolerate, what my non-negotiables are, and what I value.”
In March, she was named one of 15 women changing the world in 2015 on the WEF website. According to the WEF, Rabana “actively promotes the role of women in business as well as the potential of mobile technology to seed new business opportunities that provide much-needed jobs and crack socio-economic challenges”.

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