Timi Dakolo’s View On Marriage

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Timi Dakolo was born on the 20th of January 1981, he is a Nigerian Soul  Singer. He emerged winner of the inaugural season of Idols West Africa in 2007. With his victory, he got a recording contract with Sony BMG, in addition to other prizes.
Four years ago, Timi Dakolo walked down the aisle with his beautiful wife, Busola. Today, the marriage is blessed with 3 beautiful children. Their love story based on an interview they had with the punch goes like this:
On how they met, Timi said: ‘We met at the House on the Rock church. I was not searching then but simply minding my own business when I spotted her. I was standing behind the choristers on the podium when I sighted this fine girl. I went to speak to her by asking her why she was frowning in church.

timi dakolo
I remember saying, ‘Hi, my name is Timi Dakolo,’ and she said ‘And so?’ You would not believe that she gave me a fake number and I started searching for her every Sunday until I finally caught up with her and challenged her for giving me a wrong number. It was my lucky day because that was how we started talking. This was in 2010.’
Busola, his wife narrated how he finally proposed to her. ‘It happened early in the morning. He said he wanted to make me breakfast in bed then he came with the plate covered and stayed a few minutes. I wasn’t expecting anything more than noodles but he opened the plate and brought out a ring,’ she said.
On if they have a joint account: Busola: “No, we trust each other and don’t need to show each other our bank statements.”

Timi: “We don’t have joint account but monthly budgets. We have different accounts for different things and support each other financially.”
On what marriage means to him, Timi says: ‘It’s simply two different persons coming together to spend the rest of their lives forever. It sounds big and risky but it comes with favour, grace, maturity and a certain level of respect depending on how you manage it. After I am paid for a show, I share the money into several places, and just a fraction gets to me because a lot of people are involved in the matter.
Based on this interview we can say that Timi Dakolo has a large heart, he is selfless and inspiring.

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